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To order a Gift Certificate (or Card), enter information below. After we contact you for confirmation, we will process the transaction and send the Gift Certificate. If you prefer we hold for pick-up, please specify under "delivery options" on the next page.

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Gift Certificates ordered here are the same as those obtained at a restaurant or shop. They are NOT "e-certificates". The merchant is responsible for issue, delivery and redemption of the gift certificate.

On behalf of the merchant, Shopdaddy accepts customer information securely, encrypts credit card data, and notifies the merchant by email. The merchant will confirm this order with you before any charges are transacted.

Customer privacy is protected since no data is maintained on the server and no party, apart from the merchant, receives any information regarding the order or customer.

Shopdaddy only secures the order process but is not involved in any transaction or delivery of goods or services to you.