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 Email Engine

The Shopdaddy Email Engine is used to deliver safe and virus-free messages to you without the website visitor knowing your email address. You decide who knows your email address and when!

The subject of the email message you receive, through the email engine, contains a 4-digit PIN that is your assurance of the source and gaurantees a plain-text only message free of viruses and tracking code.

The address of the Email Engine is

Any name/value pair sent to the Email Engine will be displayed in the email message sent to the merchant. A few names are reserved as listed below.

The Email Engine reserved names:

This is your shopdaddy assigned merchant id.

attention [optional]
The merchant may define any number of distinct email addresses to be associated with their Shopdaddy account. The value of this name will be matched to the corresponding destination email address.

subject [recommended]
This value will appear in the "subject:" field of the resulting email.

email [recommended]
This is treated as the email address of the sender. It is placed in the "from:" field of the resulting email.

returnPage [optional]
This URL value is offered to the visitor as a return page after completion of the email send. If not specified, the merchant's "default" URL will be used.