Web Services

 Gateway Field Names

To assist in naming the fields sent to the Shopdaddy gateway from your shopping cart review page or invoice payment page, here are the names of accepted and displayed fields.

Shopping Cart Specific

Number of items to be listed in the order. This value is referenced to guide the display of passed individual item descriptions only -- not required otherwise.

descX, codeX, quanX, priceX
Where "X" is the item number. Shopping cart items should be numbered from 1 to "itemcount".

Other Gateway Fields

This is your shopdaddy assigned merchant id.
You may also pass the value in a field called mi.

May be used to assign brief reference or identification code to the order.
If not set, 10 digit unix seconds-since-epoch is assigned. Max length is 64 characters.

Used for description of order and message to merchant.

The name of the recipient of the gift.

Message from customer to gift recipient.

subtotal, service, tax, total
Price or fee fields.
Note that the format of the tax value is a list of name/value pairs - each separated by a | character (which is %7C urlencoded).
For example: tax=SalesTax|44.48|GST|38.92
Urlencoded we see tax=SalesTax%7C44.48%7CGST%7C38.92

currency, symbol
Merchant default values are used unless these fields are set to over-ride. Value of currency is "CAD" for Canada and "USD" for United States. Value of symbol is "$" for each of these two countries.

realname, email, phone, street, city, state, postal, country
Billing information.

fax, company, website
Additional customer information.

sendto, ship2email, ship2phone,
ship2street, ship2city, ship2state, ship2postal, ship2country

Shipping or delivery information.

If you have a "Terms and Conditions" page that normally asks for customer agreement at the gateway but do not want it to be shown this time, then set this field value to "no".