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 Post/Blog Syntax

The "digest" will read RSS/Atom feeds (ex. Wordpress) and display on your website. You may include the following tags/codes:

To be removed, comments must NOT contain an asterisk.
Comments /* ... */ are a good way to remove unwanted line breaks !

/* ... */
anything within comment tags is removed
double semicolon will cause a skip to the next line
three (or more) will skip 2 lines
skip to next line and write a bullet
to display ^ character in post
to reserve * inside comment /* */ tags
continue below floating elements (clearWidth used)
include icon from shared list
horizontal space (1 to 99 pixels wide)
create anchor location on page with "id"
iframe with youtube video
iframe with vimeo video

*make bold*
_show this text in italics_
_*make bold and italics*_    
use the asterisk to bold a word or phrase
use underscore for italics
bold and italics

Add image(s) to the post ...
(banner | left | right)://

Add image(s) to gallery ...

Standard HTML link ...

<a href="#id">Go to hash id</a> - create link to that hash id
<a href="#topofpage">Go to Top</a> - link to top of the page
<a href="#map">123 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, Canada</a> - map link
<a href="#youtube">code , linktext</a> - youtube video link
<a href="#vimeo">code , linktext</a> - vimeo video link
<a href="">banner://</a> - image link

(^)   change text appearance
(^)   define division
(^)   define table
(^)   define table row
(^)   define table data/cell

id, class, style and attrib are optional.

(div^^^float:right; margin-left:15px; background:#f9f9f9;)
(table^^ffffff-efefef^10 2 1,width:100%;)
(tr^^^top right,padding:20px;)
(td^^^top left 2 1,background:#f9f9f9;)

table attrib - cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="0"
tr attrib - valign="middle" align="left"
td attrib - valign="middle" align="left" colspan="1" rowspan="1"

Add to Cart syntax ...

  • "mid" is your merchant id
  • "code" is specific to the item (style or SKU number)
  • "22.95" is a sample price
  • "en" (optional) is for English ("fr" for French)
  • "link text" (optional - defaults to "Add to Cart") is what the customer will click on to add item to cart
  • "description" will display on your page and in the cart
  • "specs" (optional) causes an input area to be displayed to accept size,color,style or whatever. Might be "Please enter size and colour here"
  • "help" (optional) is additional info regarding what should be entered in "specs". It might be "We have sizes 4 to 20"

Sample "addtocart" with no thumb image and sample values:

will add image to gallery

[=map=123 Main Ave, Ottawa, ON, Canada]
will create google map link at bottom of post

[=contact=613-555-1212 (corner of Main and 1st)]
will create a contact line at bottom of post

[=moreinfo=] - everything below this will not display initially

[=cut=] - everything below this will be discarded

 Wordpress Posts

Tags to include in email post to Wordpress:

[end] should be placed at end of your post, if sending from your smartphone, to auto-remove wireless signature.

[category name] may be entered to add post to category immediately.
[category name1,name2,name3] to add multiple categories at once.

To add media files (PDF, JPG, etc) to your wordpress account without creating a post, send to

To change the order that posts appear on your site (rather than by last posted), put some text followed by (^) at the start of the post title ahead of what is the "actual" title to appear on your site. Everything up to and including the (^) will be used for alpha sorting but will be removed before display.

 Wordpress Posts - more options

[nogallery] can be entered in your emailed post description, if attaching images, to prevent auto-create of gallery in wordpress. This has no affect on the digest gallery appearing on your site.

[tags name] may be entered to tag a post in wordpress. This is only used for special pages on your site that do "full-text" search on posts.

To add "search term(s)" to your post that'll be used in the search but not displayed, add [=keywords= term1 term2 term3] within the post.

 Resizing Images before sending to Wordpress

Images taken with your camera may be up to 3MB in size each which is much too large for web use. If you are using a Windows PC computer, save/install and use the following FREE program to resize/reduce all the images at once.

There are two (2) versions:
64-bit for Windows 7 or 32-bit for XP or earlier

Put all the photos for a post into a folder on your computer. Select them and right-click. Click "Resize Pictures" in the menu. Recommended options are: medium size, make pictures larger but not smaller, and resize originals (this keeps the filenames unchanged - be sure to have original photos saved elsewhere).