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htmlbreaks: imax:

maxWidth: clearWidth: dlength:

Keep typing with no line break … PHP comments with BOLD ok

We could use one kind of comment syntax for posts that are meant to be shown only thru the digest since all the SD post syntax will be viewable without the digest process … ie. exposed to the outside world when viewing the blog directly in a browser for example. So we parse the PHP comment structure because it’s easier but also tell people they can use the html comment syntax (which the digest doesn’t have to process) when working in wordpress and wanting comments to be hidden.

Parse to nothing and introduce *

Parse this comment … i need comments, nobr and bold to work.

I think that the bolding asterisks should look left and right of the * … there should be a space on either side of the bolded text … but we can just make sure that the leading * in the comment is followed by a space.

This is good right ?

Mention that html comment structure can also be used in WP … but wait a minute …
… did WP remove my comment … YES … if the html comment structure spans more than 1 line then it is REMOVED … THAT DOES IT … PHP comments it is !!

Everybody will comment on it

But when they comment, they
or they want to see it.

And they or they
could even go all the way to PHP.

Bankstreet Video

Here is the Ban kstreet Video that we talked about !

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Sample Add to Cart

Banner 2 in the Link

What will happen if we send this : … will it resolve ?

Left Image in the Link

What will happen if we send this : … will it resolve ?

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can we use the encode protocol

so now encode might work

http must be good format at this point in time

let’s try that again | encode option

so now sports might work

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wanting to encode external feed URIs

So the href could indicate and encode and load with AP

Perhaps going here works.

Growing Kids Polos

5 images in all.

shopcart://shopdaddy.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/1374_whit-w250.jpg { gkids,add,1,polo,9.98,en == add to cart == Short Sleeve Skinny Placket Fitted Polo == Sizes 4-20
in Blue,Burgundy,Navy,Red & White == enter size and colour here}

Fougeres Great Food 3

4 images in all.

Everyone loves this great food … so fast, easy and nutritious. Order in quantities of 5, 10, or 15 same day! We’ll deliver it fast and convenient.
shopcart://www.fougeres.ca/hws/fougeres/wholesale/wholesale_welcome.jpg { fougeres,add,1,food13,23.49,fr == add nice food == Lovely and "tasty" food for home. Some tasty, nutritious food available for when you don’t have time to cook! show/hide remainder of description… Gotta love this great eats! Always fresh and always wholesome … quality really is job one at Fougeres. == == enter size & color here}

shopcart://none.jpg { fougeres,add,1,food14,23.99,en == add nice food == Lovely and "tasty" food for home. Some tasty, nutritious food available for when you don’t have time to cook! … Gotta love this great eats! == Please specify size ("large" or "small") and color ("red" or "brown"). == enter size & color here}

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hockey pic tester

10 images in all.











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The extra argument

So this will be a second side and bar … counting good ?

The fifth argument

We can pull stuff for the menu at the same time as the main content now !