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 About CMS

You can make changes to your web content anytime from anywhere using your password. Just link to the Shopdaddy CMS which is your one-stop shop to web content management.

Any number of content documents are defined to Shopdaddy. Each one is given a name and consists of a "script" component and a "webpage" component.

You change the "script" and get a "webpage" result which is included onto your website. Both of these components reside with Shopdaddy but can be included onto any webpage hosted anywhere!

The CMS accepts the following names:

This is your shopdaddy assigned merchant id.

This is the content document name as assigned by Shopdaddy. Only those content documents defined to Shopdaddy can be managed. It is not permissible to create new documents on-the-fly.

dispWidth [optional]
This is the width (in pixels) at which the content result should be displayed for verification. It is usually equal to the width, on the web page, that is used to display the content. Currently, the CMS allows a maximum of 2000 (and defaults to 529) but the content can be displayed at any width on your web page of course.

returnPage [optional]
This is the URL of the page to return to when finished. It is usually the address of the web page that displays the content to visitors.