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 Sell Gift Certificates

Now here's really exciting news for any business (restaurant, spa, clothing, stamping, or any other) wishing to offer gift certificates simply, easily, and securely! Many decide to list various package deals and sell a gift card/certificate for the equivalent value.

Just place simple add-to-cart links on your webpage(s). The link goes either to your Shopdaddy cart or directly to the Gift Certificate Order gateway (as demonstrated below). You may also use our ECHO utility to build the entire shopping page for you!

Credit card acceptance is included!

  • Customer clicks buy-now or add-to-cart link and Shopdaddy accepts order info securely on a single easy page. Credit card data is encrypted and NEVER stored on any web server.

  • Notification sent to merchant by email. Includes link to secure page to retrieve credit card data. Merchant contacts the customer to confirm receipt of order (email or phone).

  • Payment processing is done at your place of business. Charge the credit card as you would for any in-shop or phone order. Merchant sends their own custom Gift Certificate in the mail or prepairs for pick-up as per customer request.

  • Click here for demo order

There is no limit to the number of transactions processed!

And no commissions or percentages retained by Shopdaddy.