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 Email SMS Text to Phone

Text message a phone by email (if enabled for destination phone account):

Following list from TechWyse and Computer Hope.

Tip: You can attach a picture to an SMS message, just like you would attach a picture to a regular e-mail message.

  Bell Canada – 5551234567@txt.bellmobility.ca
  Bell Mobility (Canada) – 5551234567@txt.bell.ca
  Bell Mobility – 5551234567@txt.bellmobility.ca
  Fido – 5551234567@fido.ca
  Microcell – 5551234567@fido.ca
  President’s Choice – 5551234567@txt.bell.ca
  Rogers Canada – 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com
  Solo Mobile – 5551234567@txt.bell.ca
  Telus – 5551234567@msg.telus.com
  Virgin Mobile Canada – 5551234567@vmobile.ca
  Koodo – 5551234567@msg.koodomobile.com
  Chatr – 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com
  Sasktel – 5551234567@sms.Sasktel.com
  3 River Wireless – 5551234567@sms.3rivers.net
  Alltel – 5551234567@message.alltel.com
  AT&T – 5551234567@txt.att.net
  ACS Wireless – 5551234567@paging.acswireless.com
  Blue Sky Frog – 5551234567@blueskyfrog.com
  Bluegrass Cellular – 5551234567@sms.bluecell.com
  Boost Mobile – 5551234567@myboostmobile.com
  BPL Mobile – 5551234567@bplmobile.com
  Carolina West Wireless – 5551234567@cwwsms.com
  Cellular One – 5551234567@mobile.celloneusa.com
  Cellular South – 5551234567@csouth1.com
  Centennial Wireless – 5551234567@cwemail.com
  CenturyTel – 5551234567@messaging.centurytel.net
  Cingular – 5551234567@txt.att.net
  Clearnet – 5551234567@msg.clearnet.com
  Comcast – 5551234567@comcastpcs.textmsg.com
  Corr Wireless Communications – 5551234567@corrwireless.net
  Dobson – 5551234567@mobile.dobson.net
  Edge Wireless – 5551234567@sms.edgewireless.com
  Golden Telecom – 5551234567@sms.goldentele.com
  Helio – 5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  Houston Cellular – 5551234567@text.houstoncellular.net
  Illinois Valley Cellular – 5551234567@ivctext.com
  Inland Cellular Telephone – 5551234567@inlandlink.com
  Idea Cellular – 5551234567@ideacellular.net
  MCI – 5551234567@pagemci.com
  Metrocall – 5551234567@page.metrocall.com
  Metrocall 2-way – 5551234567@my2way.com
  Metro PCS – 5551234567@mymetropcs.com
  Microcell – 5551234567@fido.ca
  Midwest Wireless – 5551234567@clearlydigital.com
  Mobilcomm – 5551234567@mobilecomm.net
  MTS – 5551234567@text.mtsmobility.com
  Nextel – 5551234567@messaging.nextel.com
  OnlineBeep – 5551234567@onlinebeep.net
  Public Service Cellular – 5551234567@sms.pscel.com
  PCS One – 5551234567@pcsone.net
  Qwest – 5551234567@qwestmp.com
  Rogers AT&T Wireless – 5551234567@pcs.rogers.com
  Satellink – 5551234567.pageme@satellink.net
  Southwestern Bell – 5551234567@email.swbw.com
  Sprint – 5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  Sumcom – 5551234567@tms.suncom.com
  Surewest Communicaitons – 5551234567@mobile.surewest.com
  Sumcom – 5551234567@tms.suncom.com
  Sprint – 5551234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  Surewest Communicaitons – 5551234567@mobile.surewest.com
  T-Mobile – 5551234567@tmomail.net
  Tracfone – 5551234567@txt.att.net
  Triton – 5551234567@tms.suncom.com
  Unicel – 5551234567@utext.com
  US Cellular – 5551234567@email.uscc.net
  US West – 5551234567@uswestdatamail.com
  Virgin Mobile – 5551234567@vmobl.com
  Virgin Mobile Canada – 5551234567@vmobile.ca
  Verizon – 5551234567@vtext.com
  Western Wireless – 5551234567@cellularonewest.com
  West Central Wireless – 5551234567@sms.wcc.net