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 What We Do

  • Secure E-Commerce and Data Encryption
  • Wordpress CMS and Digest
  • Easy Content Management with Documents
  • Specializing in Gift Packages and Gift Certificates

Fast, easy and secure ! One low, flat yearly fee.

It doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to be expensive. Minimal time to setup with simple links and no management overhead on sales.

You save even more in time than money. So much automated yet so powerful and fully customizable. Absolutely nothing to install !

Have a shopping cart without having to change anything on your current website. Just add simple links. Everything else is provided.

Accept credit card details for payment (in the currency of your choice) and charge the card at your place of business. Your customer doesn't have to "sign-up" to anything. No waiting for your money and no extra fees on sales.

Sell your gift packages & certificates with simple links from your site. Fits right in with your current process using the same gift certificates you offer now. Financial transactions "offline" using secure encrypted credit info. Maintain full control over the issue and tracking with no added overhead.

Wordpress CMS and Digest uses the popular and familiar blogging site as a content and media store. Email in your content and your website is instantly updated. Excellent for getting infomation to your customers at a moments notice.

Content Management System gives you a single screen to update your website instantly. Anytime from anywhere! Just type changes, provide password, and your website is immediately updated!

Email Engine delivers safe and virus-free email to you without revealing your email address to website visitors or search engine spiders. Private "tag" used to sort incoming mail.

Image Gallery Utility accepts any image URL and caption. Specify background color and the utility figures out the text color to use. Used from anywhere with a simple link or CMS tag.

 Shopping Cart Features & Benefits

Simple links on your pages add items to the cart. Even these links along with item descriptions and integrated image zoom can be automated (ask about ECHO package).
Nothing to setup & no database required!

There is no limit to the number of items you can sell and no limit to the volume of transactions!

Credit card data is not kept on the server so your customers are not at risk. Credit card data is "re-constructed" with the encrypted message sent by email and a merchants' unique decryption key - but never stored.

A Currency Converter is included and is automatically pre-filled with the amount of the purchase and the currency of your choice providing fast and easy conversion calculations for your customers!

You save immediately because your website does not need its own security certificate and there are no transaction fees! But the greatest saving you'll experience of all is TIME !

 Key Points

  • Content Management for unlimited number of pages
  • Blog & News reader built-in
  • Unlimited number of items for sale
  • Unlimited number of orders and email contacts
  • Unlimited Gift Package and Certificate sales
  • Currency Converter with Shopping Cart
  • Secure Encrypted Credit Card Acceptance

 Pricing - All in Canadian Dollars

  • Full service for $400 CAD yearly
  • Domain name registrations are $20/yr (yourname.com)
  • FTP webspace is $5 per megbyte per year
  • We provide the tools for you to perform the following website maintenance tasks. If you prefer, we can outsource the work at $40/hr:
    • image cropping and optimization
    • file conversions to PDF
    • uploads to FTP webspace
    • content changes through CMS
    • inventory file(s) build/maintain